How Does The EditorialAssist Works


    Submit Manuscript Files

    Author submits the manuscript

    Check the Manuscript

    Manuscript is checked for compliance with the journals guidelines

    Sent for Review

    If found suitable sent for Review to at least two reviewers

    Reviewer’s Comment

    Reviewers comments are received

    Editor Accepts/Rejects the Manuscript

    Based on reviewers recommendations, Editor accepts or rejects the manuscript

    Sent for Copy Editing

    If the manuscript is accepted, it undergoes copy editing and page layout

    Sent for Final Approval

    The galley proof is sent to the authors for the queries and final approval

    Publish and Indexing

    Once approved by the author and the editor, it is published and data of the manuscript is sent for Indexing

EditorialAssist Process image

EditorialAssist, an intuitive management system is available for licensing or independent
use by the publishers, societies or independent journals.
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